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I Am Timmy

This is My Story

My Happy Tail

Few Words From My Mommy

He's a keeper! Sweet as could be and very well trained . Sleeps in his crate at night and not a beep! We do keep him on the leash in the house if the cats are out but if we lure them into our bedroom with food he's fine loose in the house . Gave him a nice bath and he did t mind at all. Don't think he's very fond of water but he didn't fuse either. Walked him and poquito at the park and now poquito walks up to him and licks his face . He's great with other dogs amazingly good. My son was over all day with his three very barking shitzu s and he was fine with all of them. I did order a 46 inch crate bigger for him . I did have an episode I'm a little concerned with. Monday I was fixing breakfast and he was laying in the kitchen watching me had his leash On  and my cat winks who is not dog shy at all came into the kitchen he looked at her and didn't show any interest but honey who has never gone after the cats bolted from under the dining room table and went after her and of course he did too. Thank god he was on the leash. But that was just once we've had a problem. We may be going to North Carolina leaving Friday and returning Wednesday.  Would like to take him with us. He's a great dog too bad he was so long at animal care and control. He is a Velcro dog to me . Has to be with me wherever I am. Will search for me if I'm out of his sight. He doesn't listen to my husband at all but I know that will change as he's home all day .

He loves his toys brought out a whole bin of toys and he scatters them all over the house. Acts like a puppy then poof he's done sleeping 😴 


You guys do amazing work!


Kind regards,